Thursday, 8 August 2013

RNLI Hastings Beach Concert 2013, Saturday

Normally I'd have been at Brighton Pride but that event has completely sold its soul now & is all about ripping off the punters, with very little of the original intent now remaining.  Not that I'd need much persuading to go to Hastings and listen to music on the beach, in the sunshine ;)

It was a lot cooler after the recent heatwave but still sunny pretty much all day.  The tug o' war comp went on for longer this time, so there was hardly any gap between it finishing and the music starting, which I liked.

Was another good line up this year.  The crowd was definitely not as up for it as last year's lot.  I suspect most of them hadn't drunk enough (lol).  Though a few had clearly over done it. Security once again did a good job of stopping things getting out of hand whilst maintaining a low profile.  Maybe the crowd just danced when my back was to them - that's possible ;)

As per 2012, only could make it on the Saturday, and also missed the final band on as it was freezing on the beach by then and the light was starting to go, so I called it a day.

Also as per 2012, Ujenix were my favourite band.  Though everyone performing put on a good show.

Good to see this event reach its 25th anniversary, after the 2013 concert was in doubt due to lack of funding.  Hopefully it'll carry on for a good while yet.  This is a fantastic event and props go to everyone involved in making it happen.

Hastings Beach Concert 2013 (197 pics)

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  1. I've only been there only once, on a Saturday, and I was blown away, the music was pumping all night long, the crowd was very reactive and fun. I can't wait to come back!