Thursday, 8 August 2013

Margate Carnival 2013

Someone had tipped me off that there were going to be some exotic entries in this year's Margate Carnival...though I must admit to being somewhat sceptical.  But to my surprise, the Great British Carnival group brought a touch of Rio, Egypt, Portugal, Notting Hill and who knows where else to the streets of sunny Margate.

Not sure who pulled it off but it was a major coup for a town most often in the news for its many negative aspects.  The only real down side was the fact that the parade travels from Westbrook to Cliftonville, meaning the sun is directly in your face.  Which makes getting half decent snaps difficult.

Due to the assorted GBC entries and their considerable popularity with the crowds, the parade took much longer than usual and I think this in turn delayed the Soul Weekend events on the piazza.  The couple of hours or so after the carnival passed by were all I caught of the music event but the place was packed and everyone was having a great time in the glorious sunshine.

Margate can still make it happen now and then.

Margate Carnival 2013 (203 pics)

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