Monday, 8 July 2013

Tentertainment 2013, Sunday

Was off in Maidstone snapping the (massive!) Race For Life earlier in the day so missed some of the acts, including Him & Her, who are excellent and who I was hoping to catch.

The quality was generally high and the weather was perfect.  We don't often manage a proper hot summer's day now but we had one on Sunday.  The crowd was a little bit less lethargic but most seemed happy to loll about in the sunshine drinking Pimm's instead of getting up and dancing ;)

Loved Van Susans (I thought the lead singer was going to flake out in the heat at one point, but he managed to stay on his feet lol).  Was also some decent music in the yurt, but several acts struggled against the noise coming from the main stage.

The extremely popular local stars, The Tuesdays, were the final act.  As with last year, tech gremlins with the sound gave them a headache or two but I don't think the crowd were too bothered.

Tentertainment 2013, Sunday (93 pics)

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