Monday, 8 July 2013

Tentertainment 2013, Saturday

Decent weather, though with some annoying cloud early on.  Saturday's line up was quite hit & miss.  Charlotte Rose Ellis wasn't able to perform for some reason.  Other acts that were supposed to be playing either didn't, or did so in a different order to that billed.  Coco & the Butterfields were a no show for their yurt spot but made it for their main stage performance later (I missed that, the heat had taken its toll by then).

Phase 5 were great and the only act to spark a bit of life in the generally listless crowd.  So few people got up and danced!  Dancing people who have had a bit too much to drink are the life blood of snappers (lol).

Also superb were Daniel Jeanrenaud & the Standard Lamps.  Personally, I would reserve the yurt for acoustic acts and the main stage for the foot stomping bands.  But what do I know ;)

Tentertainment 2013, Saturday (101 pics)

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