Saturday, 10 May 2014

Rochester Sweeps Festival 2014

Despite the weather forecast of white cloud, the sun shone almost unbroken throughout the May Day weekend.  Snapping conditions were poor as a result, with lots of harsh glare and deep shadow.

There seemed to be fewer morris sides than usual this time.  Normally you see some on the Sunday that weren't there the previous day, but that wasn't the case this time round.  Am guessing the tricky current climate has meant many no longer travel from a long way off, what with the costs involved.

Even so, was an excellent event, as ever.  Didn't get up to the castle stage as much as I'd have liked - and I know I missed a few good bands, such as Sur Les Docks, but you can't be everywhere at once, sadly.

Rochester Sweeps Festival 2014 - Saturday (266 pics)

Rochester Sweeps Festival 2014 - Sunday (334 pics)

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