Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ramsgate Front Festival 2014

New event for Ramsgate.  Large turnout, particularly on the sunny and warm Sunday, when most of the town seemed to be down by the beach.  Plenty of great music both on the main stage and in the dance tent.  Particularly enjoyed the latter - took me back to the good old days of the original rave scene, 1988-91.  Only without the inevitable police raid ;)

The weather was hit and miss.  Heavy rain on Saturday gave way to pleasant sunshine and pretty much the whole of Sunday was nice, and this was reflected in the huge turnout.  Monday was damp, dull and cold - and the number attending was predictably well down as a consequence.

Wasn't able to cover as much of the event as I'd have liked.  But what I saw, I liked a lot.  Would be extremely surprised if the Front Festival doesn't return next year, given the success of this one.

Ramsgate Front Festival - Saturday (91 pics)

Ramsgate Front Festival - Sunday (115 pics)

Ramsgate Front Festival - Monday (80 pics)

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