Thursday, 22 August 2013

Herne Bay Festival 2013: Acoustic Bandstand

Was a mostly cool and grey day in Hernia Bay, with rain a constant threat which thankfully held off much of the time.

Snapping under the bandstand isn't ideal at the best of times but the light is truly shocking when it's grey and gloomy.  Even the Yazoo was struggling by the time the final band, Coco & the Butterfields, appeared.

Standard of music was excellent.  Had never heard The Boxing Octopus & Friends before but they were great.  Mimi Grace Aria was apparently struggling with a dodgy throat but sounded fine to me.  Felt a little sorry for George Ogilvie, who came on just as the one bit of significant rain fell and ended up playing to a much reduced audience as a result.

Had a bit of time between acts to wander about.  Not entirely sure the pair of huge inflatable lobsters were the best use of presumably scarce festival funds but they seemed popular with those who saw them.

It was another headline event for Coco & the Butterfields.  Unfortunately the light was absolutely abysmal by 7pm.  Fiddled with a few of the snaps in a vain attempt to disguise just how low the light and high the ISO was ;)

Herne Bay Festival: Acoustic Bandstand (82 pics)

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