Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Herne Bay Beach Hut Day 2013

The sun mostly shone for Beach Hut Day.  As well as the various entries in the competition, I noticed that lots of huts have been given a colourful makeover since last year.  Particularly like the sunshine one :D

The Interseptors played at the Heron Angling Club in what has become a regular gig for them now.  Unfortunately it was pretty well impossible to get a shot of the band (some would say that's a good thing, if you'd seen them - hahahahaha).  Managed a few snaps of the singers, between clouds of barbecue smoke wafting past (lol)

Great to see the cracking Cap'ouse Colliery hut win.  These guys also came up with the brilliant Summer Wine themed hut a couple of years ago but somehow didn't win on that occasion.

There were some fabulous entries this time round.  This is one of my favourite events of the season.  Only down side is the pebbles.  Walking on them is exhausting when you're knocking on a bit, as I am ;)

Herne Bay Beach Hut Day 2013 (102 pics)

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