Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Broadstairs Folk Week 2013

I say 'week' but I only put in a couple of hours over the weekend, on the Sunday.  Mostly because the place is so horribly packed that attempting to get shots of anything is a nightmare.  It's a shame because the Saturday always sees a huge number of morris sides dancing but this time round I decided to head to Hastings for the carnival.

The weekday entertainment was pretty good.  Various morris teams did the full stint, including Madcap, Dead Horse, Royal Liberty, the Rising Larks & the motley Allsorts Morris, which is comprised from various members of other sides.

After an absence of a year, Gap Theatre Company returned to Broadstairs with their Seaside Variety show, with a slightly different line up to last time.  As before, the shows were promoted in chalk at various points around the town.

The standard of entertainment on the bandstand was decent.  Always nice to see the naughty osses again.  Assorted bands and dancers appeared, including Tap & Sync, Tanglefoot and an excellent Welsh team whose name I constantly forget.

The weather was mostly fine.  Only a heavy downpour on the Friday put a dampener on a pleasant week, but the rain cleared for the dance finale on the bandstand.

Broadstairs Folk Week 2013 (471 pics)

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