Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hastings Pirate Day 2013

We had glorious weather and a huge turnout for the now annual Hastings Pirate Day.  No world record attempt this time as the previous year's total still stands.

The sheer volume of people made snapping quite a challenge, especially if you take pretty much only candid stuff.  All posed pics here are spontaneous.  You really don't know where to start and the task is actually pretty daunting, not helped by the fact that you're taking pictures of bloodthirsty cutthroats who won't hesitate to run you through if the fancy takes them ;)

It quickly became apparent that the Stade stage was the place to be from a people snapping point of view.  The folks there just let themselves go and partied.  Absolutely fantastic to be in amongst it.  Brilliant costumes abounded.

I ventured down to the new town a couple of times and caught the excellent Panash Steel Orchestra there.  I didn't see much of the Skyfall, or any of the theatrical stuff, as I decided to stick to what I know.

Atmosphere was fantastic.  Pirate Day is the most fun you can have in public without being arrested, for sure ;)  Snapped most of the time with my bodged 18-200, a lens with no longer functioning image stabilizer, which is held together with black tape - my close proximity to people made my favoured 70-200 2.8 out of the question in most instances. 

Hastings Pirate Day 2013 (435 pics)


  1. Hi you have taken a pic if me and my friend .. Plz can u send us a copy ? :-) H

    1. You can click the link below the slideshow - that takes you to the main album on my Picasweb page. You can enlarge and download the picture directly from there.

  2. any one know the lady in photo number156,hope someone can help
    as she took a photo of me and my granddaughter

  3. Many thanks :) will try that .. Enjoyed posing for u and loving that u deemed us worthy of being on den of iniquity page :)