Monday, 22 October 2012

Ramsgate - port of shame

There's no question that the transportation of live animals is shameful.  All the more so as most passing through Ramsgate's port of shame are very young and most will be ritually slaughtered by people who haven't yet reached the 19th century in terms of cultural development, far less the 21st.

Also shameful in these days of constant cuts and endless carping from the likes of David Cameron and other millionaire public schoolboy friends of his is the ridiculous deployment of numerous front line police officers to deal with the major threat to national security a few dozen peaceful animal rights protesters armed with banners undoubtedly pose.  Step aside al Qaeda - there are some people shouting a bit at money grabbing hauliers over there!

Today there were around 60 police officers, at least six large vans, four cars and one SUV all tied up at the port for many hours.  The taxpayer is picking up the bill so that this reprehensible  trade can continue, despite widespread condemnation from right thinking people everywhere, including the RSPCA.

Presumably the fact that so many officers and vehicles were available means that there are no murderers, paedophiles, muggers, rapists, burglars, car thieves, expenses fiddling politicians or other low life out there to be arrested.  Britain has become a crime free Utopia and they forgot to tell us.  Either that or some moron in an office somewhere thinks putting this many officers somewhere their services will be almost entirely wasted is a good idea, and a sensible way to spend who knows how much of the rapidly dwindling police budget for the year...

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  1. An excellent Blog article about a practice, anyone involved in it should be ashamed of themselves.

    As for the police, what an appalling waste of money and resources in these days of so called austerity